August 23, 2015

I Promise I'm Working On It

Remember me talking about my 72 hour kits? Yeah, it's been awhile. I really have been doing stuff!

With all the back to school sales I thought I'd work on the paperwork (finally) for the project. So I've got the small folders and I'm now working on the big folder. :)

Hopefully I'll get everything done before we start Joy school in a few weeks. :) I got all the copies made (except for medical info, driver's licenses, emergency plan, important phone numbers, and cash). Hey, I'm working on it at least. I didn't want to buy the book, so I'm making these up as I go.

The next step will be buying the clothes for everyone. I will get the kids some sweats from walmart when they go on sale ($3) and probably go to the DI for myself and my husband. A few pairs plus t-shirt should do it, I think. Then a first aid kit (including flashlight) and a few other odds and ends and I'll be finished.

So I've got a few more things to do before we can be done. I need a few more supplies and also hygiene essentials. I hope to be done by the end of the year. 

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