August 22, 2015

New Quilt

I am making a new quilt. I had to do math and everything! I followed a pattern (that I had to enlarge) called Layer Cake Lemonade. I was happy it was on youtube - so easy to follow.

I have to start by saying that I didn't buy a set for the fat quarters - I made my own. I also lengthened the quilt by one large and one skinny section. Not a lot of problems, just had to figure out how many 10x10 squares to cut.

I ended up getting 6 colors of fabric and it was fun to choose them. They will look great together!

While at the store I also got some new toys! I feel like cutting these was cheating. It was super simple! 

I took them over to my moms to lay out the pattern and we decided that I should make the skinny layers first then decide where the large layers go. That way we can mix the colors better. :) because colors next to each other kinda bother me.

It is coming together!! I'm excited to get it all done. I just need to get the top done, find batting, then a back (a sheet?) for the quilt to be finished. I am excited to put it in my little boy's room.

All laid out - time to sew!

Along the way I figured out which needles were made for my Kenmore sewing machine (which isn't made anymore). 

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