October 21, 2015


I've got a few things in the works:

- I want to make my own oatmeal packets for the kids. The ones from the stores have so much sugar in them! I'd like to have different flavors to choose from, also. Maybe I'll even eat a few. I'm going to use this site to help me.

- We have a lot of babies in our neighborhood that have been born or are about to be born. I have 2 blankets made, 2 almost made and another 3 to buy. It's an exciting time and I'm happy to give these little sweeties something warm.

- I finished my little guy's blanket! It looks amazing and I'm so proud of my work. Also, of my mother. She edged it for me and I am grateful for that. He loves it, too!

- I've got strawberries and rasberries in the fridge - hopefully I get the applesauce made and in the freezer. The kids need some snacks that aren't crackers. 

- Also one of my favorites from my FB feed this month: "
I feel like I cheated. My little girl saw a dress she wanted in a magazine - for $150! I told her no. I thought "I could make that for $30." I put it off and thought I'd look online for it somewhere else (a little less fancy so she can play in it). I found it on Amazon for $18! Score.

So one more project done for Christmas. I just didn't have to make it. I still may go over the seams when it comes to make them stronger - just in case.

Who else has done this?"

- I've also got 2 gifts started for Christmas. Another few to go. Not a lot to do - I'm very excited for them to be finished, though. Hopefully I can get them done before the baby comes in a few weeks. We'll see.

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