November 5, 2015

Hygiene Kits

Part of the 72 hour kit is the hygiene part. I got the travel sized baby shampoo, lotion, hand sanitizer and soap for the kids last month. I also got a few things for my husband and me. If we really need it in an emergency, we'll use it. 

I was trying to find something a little more inexpensive. So I found these at walmart for $5 ($10 online). I do need to add a few more things to them (medication, ...) but I'm glad I grabbed these.

Still working on clothes (some for kids are in their bags). We are doing pretty well, though. Now to add another bag for baby. 

I also got this small and amazing multi-tool. It is small and will fit nicely in my husband's pack.

 And just ordered this: It is going to be amazing. A big pricey, but it is cheaper together than buying each thing individually. It also fits in the bottle so I'll have more room in my pack. I got them just for myself and husband. I'll figure out something else for the kids (They are almost $25 ea).


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