May 10, 2016

Getting Ready for the Recital

We've been trying to get my daughter's hair to curl for the last few weeks. I want some nice, tight and pretty ringlets for her dance recital at the end of the month. So what did I do? I just bought some more curlformers. I love the ones we have!! They work well, but I only have 10 for her whole head. They worked when she was smaller, but she has a lot of hair. 

Curlformers just came out with a new product. It's called the 'Curlformers Deluxe Range Glam up Kit Spiral Curls for Long Hair'.  They were on sale on Amazon so I snatched them up. Instead of paying at least double for the regular curlformers I get the deluxe glam up kit for only $30. I thought it was a win.

I'll do a trial run and post pictures. I'll have 40 curlers in her hair for her recital!! I think she's going to look so cute. Also, I may need to try them in my own hair.


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