May 31, 2016

New Schedules

Now that summer is officially here we don't have preschool or dance to fill our mornings. So I decided to keep things a little more organized and change up the routines.  I did have a good one for my daughter - then baby was born and everything changed. Now that we have a better schedule for the littlest member of the family it's time to help the older kids.

This is our master chart. I tried to make it readable for my 3 year old as well. We have one major thing for each day of the week. Church, grocery shopping, vacuuming (including rooms), mopping, laundry, rooms (pick up and sort) and outside. Saturday will also be a catch up day. These are all the things we will do together. They need to go with me to the store and I'll need help picking things up and sorting everything.

I did the lists a little different for their ages. I thought my 5 year old could handle a few more things. Also, she's learning to read and knows most of her letters so that is why there aren't pictures. I have the morning routine numbered until it is their choice. They have to do everything before they get screen time. That is the rule.

I think my little 3 year old is gonna enjoy being like his sister. He now has lists of his own and he loved looking behind his door for them. He is figuring out which one is morning and which is night. 

The basket on the night routine is going to be a laundry basket. We'll clean up the downstairs and take everything that belongs in their rooms upstairs. I hope we can implement this!

I hope this works. We will start getting into the swing of things and hopefully the days will go more smoothly. I also wrote chore because not only will they do the chore with me but I plan to give them their own chores. (3 yo can help unload dishwasher, 5 yo can help take out garbage, ...) I'll be looking into what is good for their ages. :)

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nelle said...

This is really good, Karla! So proud of you! Don't be afraid to assign more and harder chores. By Kindergarten, kids can do basically anything, including outside chores. It just takes consistency, which I know you can do! Good luck!