July 1, 2016

Swim Suit

This was one of the most technical things I've made. The fabric was hard to work with and the pattern had some smaller sewing that I don't care for. It turned out cute and she's happy with it. It works fine and I'm proud of it.

The Story: My in-laws went to a fabric store that was going out of business. They decided to buy some of this fun fabric to try to make swim suits.  We love to have the suits that cover as much as possible because my kids burn so easily (so do theirs).  Anyway, they got a pattern for these fun swim suits and we set to work.

I was a little behind because it was hard. This fabric liked to bunch and special elastic thread is needed to sew it. That means that I used my in-law's machine so it was difficult that way, too. The pattern wasn't the worst once we figured it out (isn't that always the way). 

These turned out great and I know that they will help with those nasty sunburns. I added the flower to the top and the bow on the bottoms so that she can know which way is the front easily.  I know this will fit her for a long time, too.

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