October 15, 2016


I was able to find some sweat clothes on sale this week. I was happy because I have been putting off our 72 hour kits way too long. I started them like 2 years ago, right?

I put the clothes in and wrote down what was in everyone's pack (I even got a new one for the baby). I now know what I need to get for each person to complete their emergency pack. That mostly means socks, underwear, diapers and shoes. I'll get there - I've at least got it all on my wishlist on amazon. :)

I bought these when we had 2 kids. Now I need another set.

3 backpacks for 3 kids
Then I had to think about food again. We looked through it today and realized that most of it had gone bad. The only thing left was some hot cocoa packets and a few refried beans. I'm glad we looked and didn't just take it for granted that they were okay.

So now I need to find some food that will last a little longer and that my kids will want to eat. :) Maybe I'll look into the pre made 72 hour food storage ones. 

The really good news is that I have some family that are working on their 72 hour kits so I'm going shopping with them soon and I'll finish them up. There's nothing like peer pressure to help out, eh? :)

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