November 20, 2016

Happy Birthday

I made it pretty simple for my little baby's first birthday. I did most of the decorating and baking a few days before the big day. We had cupcakes, a cake and a small smash cake (which each of my kids will use from now on). She's such a sweet girl and had a wonderful day.

The beginning of her name. I have these on her wall and brought them down for the party.

Her princess crown that she gets to wear every year
Photo banner - a picture for every month

 I made her a onesie for the day with a #1. It was super easy and free - I used a shirt she already had and fabric from my stash. It was fun to do and I'm glad the day was so nice. Presents and food outside then the kids played downstairs for a bit. Can you believe it's mid-November?

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