December 28, 2016

First Quillow

For Christmas I made a quillow for my boy. It was fun... and stressful. If it didn't cost so much I'd make them for all my nieces and nephews. For now we can only afford one kid at a time. Next, my daughter wants one.

I bought the green fabric a little longer, cut the bottom off and made the pocket for the quillow. That was the easy part. 

This was the hardest part - sewing the batting in between the cotton. If there is an easier way of doing this I'd love to know.

After pulling it right side out I sewed around the edge again to keep everything happy. I then put lots of safety pins on the blanket and then marked where I wanted to tie it with yarn. I did it while watching a movie, just on my lap. That's what the pins were for, to keep the batting in place. 

All in all I think it worked well. And I think he loved it!

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