December 29, 2016

Our Little Cooks

For Christmas we got our five year old daughter a cook book. I looked on Amazon for good reviews and something that is fun and we ended up getting the Princess Cookbook. The beginning talks about staying clean (wash hands, put hair back,...) and kitchen safety. It was great to just sit and read with her first. Any time she's in the kitchen with me she'll ask for her hair to be in a pony tail and roll up her sleeves.

She was so excited that we had to make the baked french toast right away! It turned out wonderful.

We then made the veggie dip. She helped pour things in the bowl and stir. She also helped clean all the carrots, peeled one (while I peeled others) and then watched as I cut them. She put them all in a bag after I cut them and we were ready to share with the family. I loved the taste and she loved that she was able to make it.

There will be more to come, I'm sure.

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