February 13, 2017

Meal Planning

I'm pretty proud of myself. I have been using a service for groceries for almost a year now. I go online and shop for what I need and then I go back and take out the frivolous things. It has really helped with the budget - about $85/week is all we spend on our little family. We do a bigger haul at Sam's Club once/month, too.

I thought I'd take it all a step further. I am now sitting down every Sunday and doing our meal planning as well. I found this fun pad on amazon and it works pretty well. I like the lay out and it'll work for us.

This was super simple:

1. Pull up my list on my phone for the dinners we like and picked a bunch (like 9)
2. Put the dinners into the week on the pad
3. Went to the online grocery and ordered what we need for our week
4. Picked up our groceries today.

Last week when my husband asked what was for dinner I always had an answer. We did change one night, but it was super easy to do. It was nice to have everything figured out. Now, I have more time/energy for other things.

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