March 6, 2017

Detailed Towels - Sewing Challenge

Sewing challenge #2 was to put trim onto a plain towel. I know how to do this. I've done it a lot. The point of this challenge isn't to make new things - it's to finish things. I have a pile of things to sew (pants for the kids, myself and lots of blankets). 

I took my buddy to the store with me and we picked out some fun ribbon. He is super excited for his green with lace(!) and sister's pink. I then realized that this would be a super simple gift so I have another set that I'm making and will show later. 

He was tired of standing and waiting for our turn at the cutting table.
Anyway, here are the finished products for challenge #2. I'm pretty pleased and was able to do one in about 8 minutes. I was being super careful. 

Also, I just want to say that I am in no way perfect. I know I can see where I messed up, but it doesn't matter. No one else will care and these are towels for my kids to use. I'll put them in the bathroom and they can just enjoy their own personalized items.

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