May 2, 2017

Big News

I love to learn new things. Being a mom has opened a whole new way to learn for me. I may not have time to crack the books, however I am learning new ways to feed, clothe, entertain and educate my family. Three small children can be a challenge - a very exciting one.

I am happy to say that from all this new knowledge I have decided to open my own business. I am using my sewing skills and now have an Etsy shop of my own. It is true that sewing makes me happy and I am excited for this new journey.

It has been MONTHS in the making - My Etsy store has just gone LIVE!! I'm so excited and nervous for this new adventure. Keep watching for the next few weeks while I add more and more inventory.

I'm even getting a space in a boutique this July. Wish me luck and tell your friends to find me soon.

Who knew that one day my funny little idea for this blog would become something I'd want to do more with? The lesson? Don't put things off because you'll never know what you're capable of until you jump in. 

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