July 14, 2017

For Sale - update

I've been busy at the sewing machine - and not computer. I'll work on updates a lot more often. I've got lots to say and I'm super excited that I have a place to do that. Until then - here's a look at a few items I've been making. 

Baby blanket - my girls love this one with all the pink. I'll get it on etsy sometime this weekend.

I've been loving to make zip pouches. They are super quick and I can put them down if I need to care for a child. 

I'm working on a way to make these fun chap stick holder for lipsticks and gloss. That'll be the next trick this week. They work up quickly and are fun. :)

What's fun is that I can make these in any color/pattern. I hope that I can get a lot more items. Only two more weeks until my boutique. I'm starting to get just a little stressed. :)

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