October 14, 2017

Pouch Food

I know my kids don't eat baby food anymore, however they will eat anything from a pouch. When baby #2 came along I already was making my own baby food. I thought the next logical step was to put them in pouches. I bought the infantino squeeze station and haven't looked back. I LOVE it.

What's funny is that even my 6 year old will eat the pouches. I can add in home made fruits and veggies that are so much more healthy than other snacks we usually have. I bought a book with my 3rd baby of organic baby foods. Honestly, I can make any of them, put them in a pouch and all the kids would eat them.

This week I made a pumpkin, banana with yogurt in a pouch. Baby girl LOVES it.  

I also cooked up apples in my instant pot and added some pears (they were canned) and bananas. The kids all go crazy for that combo! It was super easy to chop up apples and pressure cook them. Then use my hand blender to mix it all up. 

My other tip for making "baby" food would be our ninja. I am in love!! I also make orange julius, shakes and many more things in it. The kids love their smoothies as well.

The only down sides to this system is that being fresh foods they need to be stored in the fridge or freezer. The food will last about 3 months in the freezer and a few weeks (at most) in the fridge. 

If you plan accordingly these pouches are great! I've got 3 kids that eat 3 pouches usually every day. One full batch of baby food will fill about 6 pouches. 

I really like that they get a healthy snack (or lunch sometimes) by using this system. 

ps I'm not being paid for any of this. I just wanted to share what works for our family. But I think it's kind to leave links for those that want to use the same items.

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