November 20, 2017

Christmas Pillowcases

These are so much fun to make. They are like magic! I love to go and look at fabric and imagine what things will look like. I'm always happy with the results.

I made these cute ones for a friend. She said that her kids loved them. 

I went back to get the same fabric and they were out so I changed it up a little. I'm so excited to see how these turn out this week. I'm thinking fabulous!


Kirst said...

We have some Christmas pillow cases and my kids love them so much that they use them all year! I love your fabric choices, you are inspiring me to want to make new ones!! Super cute!

Steph said...

My kids would LOVE a Christmas pillow case What a fun idea!

Ali said...

You found some great fabrics to use! I love to make pillowcases.

Shambray said...

My grandma made my daughter a Christmas pillow a couple years ago and it's seriously her favorite. This is such a cute idea.