November 24, 2017

Black Friday Sale - here we go

Look at me! Look at me! That's what I'm thinking I sound like right now. I have been working hard trying to get a few things ready for my shop. I'm feeling optimistic and excited about these items. I have been refining them and I'm loving that it brings me peace. That's what my business is - a completely selfish way to calm down.

Anyway - I will now go into the reason for this fun post. A post that I have been trying to figure out for a long time. I have been worried about my business. I do love sewing and having a reason to buy so much fabric has been amazing however, the sales have not been spectacular. It got me down a little and then I realized that I needed to do a little more work. 

I started to do more on instagram, facebook and even here on my blog. I have been looking at other blogs that are more successful. I even took a class at Pinner's Conference on how to reach your dreams (in this instance it's keeping my store open). 

I feel like I was hit with some inspiration. I decided to grab a little fabric and try some new things. I got some fabric to make some cute pillow cases. Mostly because I hadn't made one in a long time and they are like magic when they come together. I needed that magic again. 

I also know that making the lip balm key chains is pretty easy for me. They are fun and I can make them quickly and if I spend one day cutting then the next sewing I can make a lot at once. So I did that. 

I decided to jump in on the Small Business Saturday sale seeing that I am a small business. Honestly, I am as small as it comes. I am a one woman show. It has been fun to sit and sew while the kids are playing in the next room. I have also wanted to do a big give away - so I incorporated it into this sale. 

Like I said, I'm optimistic. I made 8 key chains to give away. I also wanted to make sure that I could help anyone at all with my products. I do custom orders. Colors or themes. I'm excited to see what happens. I also feel like I want to throw up. Wish me luck!

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Julia said...

Awesome, Karla! Those pillowcases look great! Wishing you the best in your business!