November 4, 2017

New Baby Gifts

I love to create new things. I like to push myself into mediums I've never used.

I have been trying to reteach myself how to cross-stitch. While on a cruise for our 11th anniversary: 

Okay, I'm gonna stop there for a moment. We were gonna go for our 10th, however we had a sweet baby girl that was only 6 months old at that time and we didn't want to take kids. So we waited until our 11th anniversary to go on an amazing Alaskan adventure. 

Back to my post: There was no wifi and I can't read in motion or I get sick, so I counted and sewed. I got lots of compliments as it came together. I had to wait until baby got here for the information. Also, I will probably redo the frame - it is the first ever cross stitch gift I've given. I thought it turned out pretty well.

I didn't think that the cross stitch was quite enough. My favorite gift that I got with my kids was a blank book for photos. They were super cute and well made. I don't really have that gift. I do have the gift to purchase paper, extra stickers and a book. My cute nephew will be able to have a nice book when it's all done. Now all momma needs to do is print of a few photos and paste them in. Then she has a book of photos from his first year. Easy peasy. That's what I'm about with a newborn.

I think that together they made a great gift for a special little guy. 

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