December 11, 2017

Figuring out Shipping Dates

I was reading something from the post office the other day and they had all their deadlines on it. One of them struck me as interesting - domestic shipping in the US is guaranteed by Christmas if you ship by the 19th of December.

So I started thinking, then dreaming and finally I took steps in order to make the most of this information. I decided to have a week long sale and have it before the 19th. That way I can get all orders out and to everyone by Christmas.  In order to have it be a week long sale I thought about give aways and other things, however a good and real sale is just what is needed - so I've come up with a few things for this Monday.

Free shipping all week long. This will be a fun way to start us off. I also am thankful I have a few skills in photoshop b/c I made all my announcements look very similar. That way everyone knows they are for the same sale. I thought it was pretty smart - then again it was really late at night after the kids were in bed that I got time to do all of this. I'll still take the victory (small one, yes).

Each day I will be having a specific item on sale. Today it is pillow cases. 30% off is pretty good for a festive piece for a bedroom. I thought it would be fun for each of my kids to have their own and they love them. I also have made them their own for birthdays. Now that the bug has hit me again, I may be making them for every holiday! They are so magical to make and fun.

They are also very durable. I gave my son his special one when he was only 2 1/2. He is now almost 5 and I don't see any wear at all. Those with littles know how many times that pillow case has been in the wash, too.

For more information on today's sale head over to my Esty. Thanks for the support! I do this because I love sewing. I want to make a little money so that I can afford more fabric. Because having more fabric means more sewing. I'm just being selfish, really.


Stay tuned for more fun sewing projects. I've got a quillow for my daughter (I hope to have it done in the next few days) and some fun hooded towels for more family. I'll get some posts up as soon as they are completed. So much fun to be had!! 

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