December 15, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I am pretty excited to show off my cute stocking hack today. I made these beautiful stockings - first just the two then one at a time as kids came along. I'm glad that they are all from the same pattern so even though they were years apart they all look similar when I pull them out each year.  I have never known what to do with them, though. I figured out a way to hang them however, how do I personalize them even more?

I looked online and found some super cute names to put on, lettering, and characters. I had all the kid names in fun fabric on their stockings originally. I just picked it all off because I didn't love it. I searched and searched for a look that I would love. I looked at initials for the stockings and fell in love. I really loved the metallic look.

 I went to the craft store and found some wooden letters that I wanted - the size and style (font). I also grabbed some metallic paint. I am partial to silver instead of gold. I do most everything in either silver or bronze and rarely in gold.

I painted them with one coat (it was thick paint) and then when they were dry I cut some twine with silver threads in it and glued it to the backs. I hung them on the same hooks as the stockings and they turned out great.  It's everyone's first initial in our family. I love them! Now to figure out if I want something more on the kid's stockings.

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Unknown said...

Looks great! Nice job!