December 20, 2017

My learning year

Have you ever tried to do something so personal, so intimate and something that scares you so much? I've had a quote going through my mind lately:

I set out this year super scared. I have been blogging for five years and have loved doing this just for myself. I would look at my stats once in a blue moon and loved when I had 15 views on a post. I was not in this to make money or really to be noticed. I just wanted to have my own corner of the internet where I could put forth my creative energy.

That's what this whole project has been - somewhere for me to show my creative works and talk about what helps me stay sane throughout the day. I loved the posts I'd make that were well worded and would talk about why I did what I did. I wanted to inspire someone to try something new.

I realized early this year that I was not letting myself do what I wanted. I could not inspire anyone to do anything if they did not know where to find me. I decided a few things.

1. I should probably do a little more marketing if I want my name/blog to be seen anywhere.

2. I really do love sewing - it makes me happy. However, it gets spendy. So, I knew I needed to start selling something to pay for fabric.

3. Honestly, I had 2 goals this year for that shop. Only 2 and I met them. I wanted to pay for more sewing supplies and afford my business license next year.

This is where the quote comes in. I believed in myself. Do you know how scary that can be? I haven't done something for myself in a very long time. I probably haven't done something for myself since I was in college. I have been a wife and a mother for 7 years now.

Please don't get me wrong, I love being a mom. It is incredible and wonderful. I learn so much from these sweet little ones that I care for each and every moment. Mommy-ing doesn't stop when the kids go to bed. I swear most of those years I didn't sleep through the night once. I would do it all again because it's an amazing feeling.

I digress, the whole point of this post is to say that I made clear and precise goals as to what I wanted to accomplish this year. I am pretty proud of myself for putting myself out there and trying something new. I am learning so much along the way things like:

- join groups on facebook : there are groups for everything. I found one for blogs (okay, like 4), instagram, facebook likes/shares, pinterest, twitter, comments... The list seems endless.

- Actually use the social media accounts. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of posts - start sharing anyway.

- Have actual content on the blog. If people like the blog they may click over to where I make money (my shop). However, if not then I still may have helped someone be inspired.

Honestly, that is what I want. I want to share my happiness with the world. I want to share my love of life and show that being creative is a good thing. I was scared of being creative for a long time. It didn't jive with my science degree background. I then realized that cooking/baking to me was like chemistry. If you add the correct ingredients in the correct ratios and add heat to them then a chemical change happens. After that clicked with me I thought... hey, maybe I should try some other things.

Go out and try. Try something scary. Try something new. Fail. Try again. Fail. Try again. I have failed more than I'd like to let on. I am not ever the well put together person that my posts show. I try to have bright, beautiful and fun posts to get more readership. However, I carry around an unpicker with me wherever I go (Seriously, people, I'm self taught so some terms may not be correct). It feels like a symbol that even if I screw something up I can go back and try again.
I do have a few goals for the upcoming year. 2018 will be the year that I talk to people instead of just online. Or... I hope so. I am so freaked out by that. But if this year has taught me anything it's that if I believe it, than I can do it.

Thanks to my family for helping so very much and my wonderful husband who makes sure that when I do my sewing projects I get paid fairly.  Let me just say that he will ask me how much materials cost and how much time I put in and make sure I charge accordingly. He knows it's hard to run a business.

Happy Holidays everyone! I look forward to learning so much more!


Karrie Frost said...

It's amazing what can happen when we start to believe in ourselves. We spend all of our time making sure our little people are well taken care of, and forget that if we don't take care of ourselves, often no one else will. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 will have in store for you.
Great post.

Kelly said...

You've made some great progress this year! It's amazing what you can do in a year. Keep up the good work!

Emily said...

I have this quote sitting on my nightstand! It's so important for women to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. Good for you!

Joss Radillo said...

It’s amazing what you did this year and you should be proud of everything! Always follow your dreams

Nausheen said...

Amazing info...keep up the good work !!
All the best :)

JLynnCorter said...

This is so great to read! So awesome that you accomplished your two goals this year! 2018 is going to be YOUR year! :)
Happy Holidays!

Cle said...

Love the message to "Go out and try. Try something scary. Try something new. Fail. Try again. Fail. Try again". Its something people tend to forget when trying something new. This is a brilliant reminder of that

Nicole said...

I'm so happy for you that you made your goals this year! Congrats! I was the total opposite and started creating my blog back in July with making money as my main goal. It goes to show we are all unique and all have something special to offer. And I love the uniqueness of your blog.

Jagriti's Poetry said...

It's much motivating thing to see you pushing yourself up and trying to make some positive differences in your life and the lives of other family members too. Being a mom is just like a boon to a girl's life and balancing between good parenting and motivating herself is challenge..

Alaina said...

Congratulations on reaching your goals this year. I'm a new visitor (and fellow mom blogger). I love the layout of your site and your sewing posts!

Ithfifi said...

Welldone on being so brave and trying something new, It sounds like its been an incredible adventure this year. I wish you all the best with your success!

Unknown said...

What a great post! It's amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. I wish you the best of luck in 2018!

Unknown said...

Keep up the great work! I have been in the same position as well! When I started my blog in December of 2016, I was so afraid to promote it and tell my friends and family about it because I didn't know how they were going to respond. But fast forward to now, I'm happy I did it!

Evelina said...

It's so important to believe in ourselves! Only when we finally do this, we can see our dreams come true! Wish you a successful and happy 2018!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a very inspirational post. I go back and forth with believing in myself verses not. I love the first quote you posted about “she believed she could do she did”. That is my all time favorite quote to live by. Which is also my motto for blogging. I definitely needed this read today!

Unknown said...

You're my hero. Loved the bit about chemistry. Ha ha! It makes perfect sense. Keep at it, sis! You're an inspiration to me.

Tanvi from said...

Congrats on all the efforts and achievements you have made this year ... Just keep going ... that's half the battle won.


Thena, HodgePodge Hippie said...

Always keep that spirit and yes, try try again. Never give up. Congrats on the achievements of this year and cheers to the next!