December 12, 2017

Quillow take 2

This is the second quillow I've made for my kids. A few years ago I made my son his very own quillow that has been loved greatly and now needs a little stitch work. He loves having a pillow that can open up into a blanket to keep him warm.

This all started with my husband. His mom made him a quillow as a kid. I usually took it because it has a built in pocket to keep your feet warm. Anyway, my son (who was almost 3) kept stealing it from us because he liked it so much. So I made him his own for Christmas.  Now my 6 yo daughter has been asking when she will get her own.

I took my daughter to the fabric store and let her pick out her own colors. She stood in front of the pink section for about 45 minutes before she picked one. She wanted pink with pink and I am pretty proud that I was able to talk her into something that matched a little more. They are still not what I would have picked and that's part of the beauty.  WOW did she pick bright. It'll look great when it's all put together and in the small pillow form, right?

Speaking of pillow - I've got more fabric to use because she wants a pillow cover for her small 14 inch pillow on her bed. This way she could have all 3 of her favorite fabrics. The things we do as moms, huh?

Okay - here's what I did! I bought the pink as 72 inches (was 42 inches wide) and the purple was 18 inches longer.

I cut off the extra purple for the pocket. I just matched same sides and sewed the sides together.

When placing the pocket be sure to have the raw edges together. I sewed the pocket 12 inches in on both sides. Just put it in the middle the best you can. It won't hurt the function if it's a little off. I sewed up the sides with both a straight stitch (1/4 inch seam) and a zig zag over the edges.

I got a bunch of blanket batting and and it was way too wide (and a little long). I just laid the cotton over it and cut the excess. I will have enough for a lap blanket that I'm planning on making. Now you can see what my sandwich looks like - batting, purple then pink with the pocket that are right sides together.

In order to sew this with the batting on the outside I tried a new trick that google told me about. I used old plastic sacks. I would sew along then rip it off as I went. I used 1 1/2 bags this way. Why would I put plastic over the batting (which was on top at the sewing machine)? The batting is fibrous so will get caught in my foot. This was the reason I never wanted to make another one.

I pulled it right side out (be sure to go between the cottons) and then top stitched with a cute stitch around the entire thing. This was where I walked away last night. My machine seized up and I couldn't figure it out. I only had one more short side to sew, too! I went and made dinner for the family and then after the kids were in bed I called my mom. That was what I needed to do - as I was whining on the phone that my machine was broken forever and nothing would work I jiggled the stitch button and everything kind of reset. Thank goodness because I didn't want to rip the blanket. Thanks mom.

So - I haven't tied it with yarn just yet. I need to have some time to sit and put on a movie. I can do this on my lap (which is nice). I'll need to spread it out and mark where I want the knots. Here it is in it's pillow form. I think it'll be just fine until I get to it in a few days. It is super cute and I think it turned out just perfect. She's going to love it!

The next things I'm working on?? Hooded towels for my nephew and my baby girl. Hopefully I don't break too many needles.


Heather said...

I love Quillows! I made them for my family years ago...with some soft, warm flannel on one side. Such as easy, and fun gift!

Mommy & Mia Homeschool Chronicles said...

This looks like a great gift! I have never heard of a quickie.

Tosha Ornelas said...

This is a great invention I have never heard of it but love sewing too!

Toni said...

This is so awesome to find! My mom use to make these when we were kids and I've always wondered how she did it! I can't wait to make some for my girls!

Stefanie said...

I’ve never heard of a quillow but I love yours and I can’t wait to try one!

Jasmine said...

i'm not very crafty, but this looks so cool! my mom makes these