December 7, 2017

Quilted Tablecloth

I like a challenge as much as the next person. When it comes to sewing the whole thing has been a challenge for me. I took home ec in Jr. High too many years ago where I learned the parts of their ancient sewing machines. I aced that test, btw. I also learned how to make a wind sock and it was pitiful at that. 

Fast forward years later to when my mom got an amazing deal on sewing machines for all 4 daughters for Christmas. This was the first sewing machine I'd ever gotten. I started getting it out once in awhile to mend something or to make shorts out of pants. We were just starting out and didn't have a lot of money so I mended a lot of clothes.

Later I had two cute nieces born and thought I could make them each a blanket and maybe something else. So I got my machine out once again. Then I found that I was going to have a daughter of my own. I started making kid stuff - blankets, bibs and even some clothes. I didn't like doing clothes as much. Since then I've had 2 other babies and lots of nieces and nephews. I found that sewing is relaxing and I like it. So I kept at it.

This long story brings me to this project -

 I had a wonderful person reach out to me to ask if I could make a tablecloth that is 70x52 inches. That is pretty big seeing as most fabric bolts are 42 or 45 inches wide. So I knew I'd need to add some fabric and figured I should just make it a quilt top.

Holy cow! I'm glad I am pretty good at math. I did add an inch on all sides for seam allowance. Here's what I came up with

I'm not sure if I'll keep the same colors where they are or not. I did go shopping and got a lot of pretty fabric. I made sure to get fabric that could be used in any direction because I'm not sure how she wants to put it on her table. It'll be so cute when it's done. I got so many compliments in the store when I was getting them cut. I'm very happy with the selection and think they will look great together.

Rows of 3 with 7 rows. I laid it out to see which patterns I wanted next to each other and I came up with something pretty good.

It went together pretty quickly. The top was a wonderful array of Christmas colors and I am happy with how it turned out. I then went to find a backing for it so that no one will see all the seams from the quilted top. I grabbed a twin flat sheet that was a beautiful shade of red and cut it to size. I put right sides together and stitched leaving an opening. I turned it right side out and then put a cute stitch on the outside edge sealing the opening.

I then used a small zigzag over all the seams so that they won't come apart. It turned out really cute and I'm a little jealous that it won't be on my table. Whew! That was a lot of work. I do have to say that I was happy for the challenge. It took me a week from buying the fabric to finishing it - that's the fastest I've ever quilted anything. It was a blast to work on all the fun patterns and I just had to have Christmas music going.


Kim said...

Such a pretty tablecloth! Looks well worth the work!

Farmhouse Mama said...

Wow you did a great job! I love the colors!

Angie said...

This is such a cute tablecloth. You did a great job! Very creative!

Cinnamon Rose said...

Wow these are so lovely! My mom used to sew all the time, I was curious but never actually tried. Seeing these gorgeous pics makes me wanna try! Great job! :) - Cinnamon Rose

Angela Milnes said...

Wow, It really looks a cute tablecloth and I love the colors perfect for Holidays