January 14, 2018

New Pillow Cases

I took a giant step and signed up for a boutique. I am super nervous and excited for how I'll decorate my booth and talking to others who love to not only shop but also be creative. I know that I enjoy talking to the makers of items at the boutiques I go to and I hope that I can talk to many others. I just really don't want to freeze up.

How can I have someone start a conversation that I'm comfortable with? By having fun fabric to look at. I am a nerd at heart. I have seen so many geeky shows and I really love them. One of the things my husband and I have done is choose a series to watch. I remember going through 3 Star Treks (not the original, I couldn't stand Shatner) and we also do it with movies. One of our favorite traditions is watching the extended LOTR over Christmas break. I'm talking about having a whole day and watching the entire series.

So what I chose to do is grab some fun fabrics that would lead to interesting conversation. Things like Dr. Who. At this point I must say that I'm a new who fan - I haven't tried to watch all the old stuff. I'm not opposed to it, I just don't have a way to watch them all.

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I also grabbed some fun kid stuff - like Elsa from frozen. She has a special place in our family.  My little pony is a favorite around here as well. Even my son loves to watch it and honestly I don't mine, either. They learn about friendship and being nice. Things that seem to completely fly out of the window after the show gets turned off and I say "go play with each other" to my kids.

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And then there's the behemoth of Star Wars. I grew up on star wars - it seems like we always had it on in the house (or an old western). I decided to grab some fun orange fabric with the newest star wars characters. I have a niece who loves Rey (Halloween for 2 years) and  I didn't want to pass up on it.

I am in love with all of these. I hope that they will sell. I also hope that they will be a great starting point for a conversation. I did go back to the store and get even more fun fabrics. These are all things I could talk about. The one I really wanted to get was Harry Potter and I couldn't find any fabric that I liked. Maybe next time?

I've got them all cut and ironed. The next thing is to pin and sew. That is where the magic happens. I am so excited about these fun pillow cases. I just hope that I can sell a few. I'll have them up in my Etsy shop soon. I also hope that people realize that this is my passion. I like to sew and make nice things out of fun fabric. I put my heart into ever thing I make. And I've still got time to sew, I don't NEED to have everything done until the boutique on February 10. More info to come.

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