January 9, 2018

Recipe book & lessons

My daughter is 6 1/2 and for Christmas I gave her a gift that I thought would be fun, entertaining and build memories. In November I sent out a quick text asking grandmas & aunts if they would like to help me with a project. I wanted to see if they would be willing before I just threw something like this at them.  After I got a all positive responses (way to go family) I sent out a letter to everyone.

I looked for recipe cards that would fit into a 4x6 photo slot. I found some cute ones that I think she'll like. Then I looked around for one that held 20 photos (there will be 10 people helping make this happen).  This way I have a slot for the recipe and one for a photo of either the food or hopefully one of my daughter with her teacher that week.  

What I found was a baby brag book. I know, a little strange - there are 20 pages. I figured that thinking outside the box would be a good thing. It turned out to be perfect. The book doesn't say anything about baby - the only thing it has is the first page says "this book belongs to" and I put her name in cursive along the line. This makes it even more personal for her. There will be 10 recipes with room for 10 photos - I plan to take a picture of her with her teacher when I pick her up. Hopefully with the food, too.

I sent out letters - I handed them to the family that was near home. I put in a self addressed & stamped envelope to hold the card (hand written is even better). This way it was easy for them to get it back to me. I made sure to get the cards out at the beginning of December. Along with the envelope and the blank recipe card I sent a small paper asking which date would be best for teaching. This way I had power of when the lessons would be and how often she would have them. I chose every other Saturday and left off the ones in which we already had plans like vacations or what not. 

I also sent a small letter of instructions: 

"Hey All! Thanks so much for loving our daughter. She is going to be so surprised and excited to get in the kitchen with amazing role models. Enclosed you will find a recipe card to fill out. The recipes I’m looking for should be simple enough to fit on only one side of the card. Also, there is a paper with dates on them. Please write your top 3 dates you’d like to have when teaching your recipe.  If you’d rather not give a lesson, I understand. Then place them into the envelope and mail it back.
I know I see most of you quite frequently - I just want to make this as easy on you as possible. You are performing a service for me and I appreciate it. Love, Karla"

All they needed to do was choose 3 dates that they'd be available, write the recipe on one side of the card and then place those into the envelope. Then send it back to me. I opened them with delight and got everything organized. I did say that if they didn't want to give a lesson that was okay - I don't want to force family to do anything. I want to have this gift to be from the heart. I'm happy to say that our schedule is full. 

I am happy to report that my daughter was so very excited for her special gift. I think that she realizes that it isn't only the cooking lessons but time with women that she looks up to. She gets one-on-one attention for a few hours from someone that loves her and will be there forever. I hope that she can bond with them even more and know that if there comes a time in her life when she's older where she feels she can't talk to me that she has many other people who love her that she can talk to. (wow, that got deep.)  

Here's the thing - I want to give my kids experiences, not just stuff. I think she will cherish these experiences for years to come. I'll update with the first lesson next week. 


Jamie said...

This is so cute- my favorite gift for my wedding was a homemade recipe book with some of my godmother’s favorite recipes in it.

Tiffany Day said...

Such a cute idea! Cooking is big in my family, I think the best gift I ever received was my in-laws cook book. I love having my daughter to through experiences and to see her imagination run wild at such a young age.

Gwendolyn said...

What a cute and thoughtful gift for your daughter! This is such a special way for her to connect with the family members important in her life. She will be able to cherish this gift for the rest of her life and eventually pass on to her children. Having each family member choose a date to teach your daughter how to make the recipe is even better! You should take a picture of her cooking each recipe with the family member and include that in the book, either behind the recipe or on a page next to it.

My Mommy Life of 3 Blog said...

I've got a wedding recipe book, too. I love all the hand written notes and things. It's great. I only asked 20 people (instead of grandpas & uncles, too) because the book I chose has 20 pages. I thought it would be super fun to have photos of her with them (or the food) in the book as well. Thanks for reminding me - I'll have to edit to put that in.

Gail said...

Such a beautiful thing to share and for her to keep. Im going try to do this for my kids. Love gwendolyns idea too

Jasmine said...

this is a really cute idea, i like how you put it together

Unknown said...

I love this idea! My daughter is going to be 7 tomorrow and would LOVE this!