February 27, 2018

For Sale - yes they are in the shop.

I feel like every once in awhile I need to take a break from all the new stuff that's going on and the custom orders and focus on what I already have. With that said - I do have some new things that are going to be in the shop. Also, a few announcements and fun things (for me). Those are at the end of the post and pretty cool.

First of all, let me just show you a few of the things I've got in the shop:

Zipper Pouches:  Good for pencil case, makeup (I can add a vinyl to have them clean easily inside), wallets/keys/purse essentials, diapers and more.

Key Chains: These are a great way to keep things organized as well. I don't loose my lip gloss in my purse anymore because I know right where it is.

Baby Blankets: I think I will always want to make these soft and large blankets. They are the reason I really started sewing in the first place.

Pillow Cases: I have some fun ones left in the shop. I can also make custom pillowcases with colors or characters (where available)

Embellished kitchen towels: These are the cute ones that you hang on your oven to give the kitchen a little something extra. (there are more than one in the shop, now)

14x14 pillows:  I've got a few of these fun, embellished and creative pillows in the shop. Aren't they just the cutest??

Just for fun:

I grabbed some of my kid's favorite characters and made them some new pillow cases because - it's fun. I have been looking for MONTHS for a good Cars 3 fabric that would look good in a pillow case. My kids are obsessed with Cars and this turned out amazing. I also tried a new technique - 2 colors between the top and the main pillowcase. It turned out SUPER cute.

I couldn't leave my baby out of it - especially when I saw this minnie mouse fabric at the store. She is my cute little Minnie and loves wearing her ears and Minnie dresses & jammies. She is going to love cuddling this pillow and hopefully it'll make bedtime a little easier.

So that's what I've been up to in the shop. I'm excited to show off what I'm making just because I'm so proud of the work that I do. I hope that you go and take a look and know that I can make what you'd like. I do like the challenge. Although, I'm not sure the rest of my family does - I will put crafts ahead of dishes, laundry and other things sometimes.

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