February 19, 2018

Goal 2 - Boutiques

This year I started off with a few very specific goals for myself. My first goal that I met was getting my very own domain. I am so happy with how things have gone from there. I feel so much better about my business and myself. I do have to say - the blog has business stuff on it, but it isn't all about my sewing. I love showing different crafts and things on here and inspiring others. I hope that showing that you can accomplish a goal will help others take their first step toward their goals.

Okay, so I have more than one goal for the year. Another goal that I have is a BIG one. Not for other people but large for myself. I don't like putting myself out there. I love to blog because I can do it from the comfort of my home and I know that if I say something wrong there is always a back button I can press. That is not what real life is like, however, so by having a goal to get out and share what I make in public I am WAY out of my comfort zone.

I did it!! I marked off another goal for the year. I am so very excited to say that I had my very own vendor booth at a boutique a few weeks ago. I was apart of a pretty larger group of vendors (that's what we're called - I am learning) and everyone was very responsive to my items and so kind to me.

I had a lot of people who stopped into my booth to talk about sewing and baby blankets in particular. This is a subject that I love so it was easy for me to dive in.  I also talked a lot about pillow cases and I have to say that there were a lot of ladies who have made them for gifts as well.

I also had family come to support me and I am so very thankful to them. I don't talk about my business much around my close friends and family because I feel like I would be shoving it down their throats all the time. I'm a bit passionate about what I make and the quality of every item.

The other thing that was nice was when an older lady (usually) would come up, feel the products and compliment me on my work. I don't know what I was expecting, but those few seconds where they are carefully looking at my work is nerve wracking. I'm glad that the response was so positive.

I didn't make as much as I'd like but I did at least break even. I'm thankful that I had this experience to learn and grow. I plan on being to more boutiques and maybe even some city events soon. I am working up the courage to try to go to the local farmer's market, as well.

I only had one table for all my items for this show and I realized that I have so many more ideas. I will be acquiring a clothing rod for displaying my blankets & pillow cases, too. Things are looking up and I'm so happy that I am staying the course and working hard to do something I love. I hope that it will show others that they can also follow their dreams.

My advice - try the set up at home so that when you get there it isn't overwhelming. You can change things around - I did even after I took the photo - and be creative, too. I also got comments on my social media photo. People would ask how to see my stuff and then look and know that they can find me pretty much anywhere. Also, don't be afraid of the walkers - those people that kind of look and walk by. Say hello because some of the best conversations I had were with those that didn't seem interested.

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