February 22, 2018

Iron Holder

There are times that I feel like a super hero. Is sewing a super power? Most days I feel like I am running behind always trying to catch up. Doing dishes, laundry and loving my babies. There are some moments that I am can see the problem and figure out a solution. I wish those happened more often - the clarity. Most days it isn't about me and that's because I have very little kids who need me. I'm sure one day I'll have more time to just think but then I'll miss the "mommy"s.  Anywho...

I have a fun cutting/ironing board. One side is a self healing cutting board and the other is an ironing board. This works well for doing quilts. However - I had a problem.  Where would I put my iron when it was still hot??

I came up with this solution. It may not be perfect, but it's the "rough draft" I guess. I grabbed some cotton fabric and put two layers of insul brite in it. Now when I need to cut I have somewhere to place the hot iron.

I don't know if this was the most perfect way to make it and honestly I'd change the shape if I made another. I'd probably make it square and a bit bigger. I'm proud that I saw a need and filled it.

What have you made that you are proud of?

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