February 8, 2018

Valentine Quilted Table cloth

I got a custom order for another cute table cloth. I am always so happy to go and buy fabric so this was fun. It did take me a little longer to get it done due to my daughter getting sick. Thank goodness that my family could help out while I sat and sewed. 

I followed the same pattern as before - with the Christmas table cloth. I did use less fabrics - at least two of each pattern are in this quilt and it was fun to play with placement. 

Again, I made sure to get fabric that could be used in any direction because I'm not sure how she wants to put it on her table. It'll be so cute when it's done. I got so many compliments in the store when I was getting them cut. My favorite was when I showed all the colors online and someone quoted "50 shades of pink".  I'm very happy with the selection and think they will look great together.

Rows of 3 with 7 rows. I laid it out to see which patterns I wanted next to each other and I came up with something pretty good. I sewed the pieces together into the rows then sewed the rows together. It all went rather quickly because these are large pieces. I had about 1/2 inch seam allowance because cutting is not my specialty. 

It went together pretty quickly. The top is so festive and happy and I am happy with how it turned out. I then went to find a backing for it so that no one will see all the seams from the quilted top. I grabbed a twin flat sheet that was a beautiful shade of red (same as the Christmas one I made) and cut it to size. I put right sides together and stitched leaving an opening. I turned it right side out and then put a cute stitch on the outside edge sealing the opening.

the top is done

I then tacked a few places down to make sure it doesn't slide too much. I didn't want to sew all the seams this time. It was cute, but I wanted something different. What was the final look?

I decided to use white thread for the top stitch. It took me 2 days to decide. I know it was not the most important decision, but I wanted this to be right.  I also didn't sew between each panel like last time. I just put a few stitches in to keep the fabric from shifting completely around. I hope it works because I think it looks better.

The finished product is something I'm very proud of. These fabrics are so fun to work with and it's not what I'd do on my own. Its beautiful and I'm so happy to be pushed to try new things. Next up, my boutique!


Meg said...

Wow, this is beautiful! You must have some serious talent. I wish that I know how to quilt.

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! I love all of the shades of pink! I look forward to seeing your future projects.

Farmhouse Mama said...

Wow this is so pretty!! I love it! I love Valentine’s decorations because everything is pink! :)

Michelle said...

This is so cool! I never even knew that quilted tablecloths were a thing! It looks so cute!

Unknown said...

AWWWW!!! SO good. my son would love this. He loves anything blankets.