March 29, 2018

Cute Framed Quotes

I love the idea of putting my favorite quotes around the house. I also love the idea of giving gifts that are home made and meaningful. I decided to marry the two together and make some cute framed quotes.

I found some very cute 10x10 shadowbox frames at the store. I didn't like what was in them but loved the frames and the price. I found some paper that I thought was super adorable and put the paper into the frames. Next came the hard part - deciding which quotes to make. :D

I came up with four that I think are pretty universal:

- Choose Happy
- You are my Sunshine
- You are so loved
- Be Still

I decided not to do really long quotes because I wanted to see them if they are hanging on the wall or on a table. I used my Silhouette to design and then cut out the wording.

It is always fun to watch it work and even the kids take time to come and watch when they hear it starting.

I put the words on the colors that I wanted and then stood back to admire them. It all sounds simple, but sometimes putting the words on is a challenge for me. I'm sure with practice I'll get it all figured out.

I love how each one turned out. I think the quote goes well with the color of paper. It's always so fun to see something that I only thought about come to life. These are now up in the shop. Go check them out and let me know if I can make one for you with your favorite quote.

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