March 15, 2018

Rolled Up Bags

I love it when I have someone ask if I can make something. I have a roll up bag that I keep all my sewing items in. That way I can grab the bag and have all my pins, feet, and other things I may need (like my Jack-the-ripper).

I had a customer ask if I could make the same kind of idea for her colored pencils and markers. That way she can roll them out to see the colors. When she asked I was expecting about 10-15 colors. No. LOTS more. We decided to do 3 rolls total - 2 for her pencils and 1 for markers. I measured the items and then with the power of math (the kids love when I say that) I figured out how big they needed to be.

I started with cutting 3 squared. I ironed one in half and sewed it onto another every 1.5 inches. These became the pockets.  I then added the ribbon and then put the outer side on top right sides together leaving a hole. I turned it inside out and then top stitched it.

The final result was amazing. There are two that are the same. They are for the pencils - one for warm colors and one for cool colors.

Aren't they just so adorable? The colors are amazing and I am happy that they turned out. I cut the ribbon long so that if they need to have it shorter they can cut it to the length wanted.

The final result. I just hope that she enjoys them for coloring as much as I loved making them.

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