March 1, 2018

Shamrock Pillow Case

It's now MARCH! I can officially say Happy St. Patrick's day!

I've been thinking about how to write this post. It won't be much of a how-to as much as a how-I-did-it. I used some new tools that I'd like to show and talk about what I did.

Okay, I know I'm being a little cryptic so I'll dive right in.

How I made a shamrock pillow

I had a client ask me if I could make a pillow with a shamrock on it and then the word lucky. I love being asked to make something specific because it's always a challenge. I like to really think things through first and then I can come up with something spectacular.

I got an off white muslin for the background and then a cute printed green for the shamrock.  I decided to try black htv for this project as well.  I cut out the pattern for the pillow and made a 13x13 inch square for the shamrock.

I recently got a Silhouette cameo 3 (my biggest purchase in years) and am so thrilled that it can also cut fabric for me.  One thing about cutting fabric - be sure to use interfacing!  This will make the fabric (I used cotton) more stiff and easier for the cutter to handle.

I grabbed an image from online because I don't freehand well. I then put the fabric on the cutting mat and then loaded it into the machine. This took a few tries. The fabric is not like vinyl and everything I have read told me to put interfacing just shy of the entire piece of fabric so to load it I had to hold some down. I'm sure there is an easier way and I'll find it in the future.

I may have used too much force or something because it cut deep into my mat. I am new to this so I'll be playing with it more soon. I also read to have it cut twice for a clean and crisp edge. I did this and that really did work. I peeled off the other fabric to reveal a perfectly cut shamrock. It looked exactly like what I had made. I still feel like this is magic.

To get it onto the background fabric I kind of cheated. There is iron on applique materials. I didn't use them, though. I could have ironed it on one side, cut that out with scissors and then removed the backing and ironed it in place before basting it.  However, I just used a spray adhesive on the back (worked because of the interfacing) and then placed it onto the fabric.  I then sat and watched a show while I basted the shamrock into place.

I tried to have uneven stitches that were both large and small on purpose. I think it looks more home made that way. I used black thread for the stitches to stand out and also because the word lucky will be cut out in black vinyl.

I found a cute font I wanted and wrote out "lucky" in the silhouette. I then loaded in the sparkly black heat transfer vinyl. I have done this with all the embellished zip pouches so I knew how it worked. I then placed it onto the shamrock and pressed it with my iron. It turned out beautifully.

After the front of this pillow was completed I sewed everything together.  I put the 16x16 pillow into it and voila - a fun pillow for St. Patrick's Day.

I would love to do more like this - I have a few that I want to do so hopefully I get to them soon and they will be in the shop.  I'm still unsure how to mail a 14x14 pillow. I'll get it figured out, though.

With the time spent doing all the hand stitching (I'm always careful about thread placement) it took awhile and bumped up the cost for this project. I'm so happy that it turned out so well and am a little jealous of the owner. The total cost came to about $50 with all materials and time. That includes the cost of the pillow (so much more expensive than I thought).

I look forward to my next challenge.

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