April 19, 2018

Baby Gifts

It must be Springtime. I've got a few and I love to make things that are home made. I feel like each baby deserves to have something to snuggle and something to have when they get older.

For this young man I decided to make a few things that are near and dear to me. I have been wanting to try another kind of fabric for a baby blanket for awhile, now. I thought I would try some very soft minky fabric. I found some that was a neutral gray with some elephants on it. How adorable! I paired it with some bright blue fabric that I've been saving for something special. A baby is super special.

I thought it would be great to have something go along with this cute blanket. I framed a bit of extra elephant fabric. I then used my vinyl cutter to put a super cute quote onto the glass. I am still pretty new to vinyl and the smaller stuff is harder to make. I just hope that she likes the gesture. I think it turned out super adorable.

I'll keep you updated on the other fun things I've got going soon. Things like oven mitts, saddle pads, night training pants, toddler training pants and an update on family cooking lessons. Seriously, more info to come.

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