April 30, 2018

Home Made Oven Mitt

I love when I have people ask me if I can make things. I got a message with a photo of an oven mitt - kind of like a glove. I went with just that photo and tried to make something similar. I'm glad that it worked.

I started off with scraps that I had. I just put them all together and squared it off. I actually don't know how long I made it, I just kept putting my hand near it to see how long it needed. I then made my cotton, insulbrite & cotton sandwich. I stitched in the ditch to make everything secure.

There wasn't a specific pattern I followed to make the handles. I just used one of my kitchen bowls to make the circle. This is another cotton, insulbrite & cotton sandwich. I made two of them.

I made my own binding for this project from scraps I had. I think it turned out pretty amazing. It isn't perfect - for my first one ever I think it will work well.

The reason she asked me to make this is because her other one is worn out. She doesn't want to burn her hand anymore. Hopefully this will keep her hands safe.

What have you made lately?

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