May 14, 2018

Character pillow

Before I had my 3rd baby I made each of my others their own huggable pillows. Now that my toddler is becoming much more independent (trust me, she lets me know every day) I thought it would be good to make her her own.

We went to the fabric store (my kid's most favorite place) so she could pick out what she wanted on her pillow. She was so excited when she saw that there was pj masks on fabric. PJ Masks, Mommy!! So we had to get it.

I made a simple envelope pillow case for this 10x10 pillow. I was so happy with the fit. I had a very excited helper for photos - he wanted to help show off the pillow for his sister. He then ran it up and woke her from her nap to give it to her. Luckily she cuddled with it and went back to sleep. (Phew)

My favorite part of doing this project is that as she grows and changes it will be super simple to change the pillow, too. I just go get some new fabric. I used cotton which was on sale so it wasn't too expensive. It will be fun to watch what she will choose in the future. Then I will have a way to look back and see all the stages of growing up.

I'm super nostalgic like that. Anyone else like to keep things from their kids? At least these will fold up super small for storage.

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