May 3, 2018

Happy Shopiversary

One year ago I made a very big announcement right here on my blog.  It was that I was going to begin a business. I have done many custom projects and have watched my skills grow and change throughout the process.

I am happy to report that it is now my 1st shopiversary!

I got many kind and sweet messages over facebook and instagram for keeping my shop and just trying.  I know that a lot of people get discouraged their first year and will quit. It is so nice to hear from those that have also pushed and are now successful. I have been putting plans together all year to get more sales and hopefully more customers. I hope it works.

I haven't made a lot of sales on Etsy, however I have made sales through family and friends. Many custom orders and fun things have been done. I will also be in two small city days in my area this summer. I love craft fairs and will be working toward more in the future.

I also have plans to host a few swaps and maybe a craft fair of my very own. Those are in the planning stages.  The real reason I began my business was to afford more things to sew. I enjoy sewing and being creative. I hope that I can do more in the future.

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