May 24, 2018

Overnight Potty Training

Overnight is the hardest thing we have ever had to figure out.  I decided instead of buying the diapers (this thought should have come long ago) I would make some from fabric I already have.

I bought a size up for underwear. Daytime is just fine but night time is still a struggle for our boy.

Now before I get comments - it's normal for any kid to have accidents at night until age 8 (and sometimes above).  So I think we're doing alright. We've got years before we need to worry. Hopefully we won't need them that long, though.

Okay, back to it - I went back and forth with wanting to use the centers of cloth diapers - but I'm saving those for training pants for my youngest (as soon as she can dress herself). So I looked around and there are a lot of ways to make these.

I decided to make them more padded and added 2 thick layers in the middle. I then used some iron on vinyl on a fun pattern for the front. This makes it water proof.

Easy peasy.

1. Draw a pattern on paper with the underwear.
2. Cut out layers & sew inside
3. Cut out outer layer and sew on outside

I sewed the towel on first. Yes, a full on towel that was a scrap from a different project. It fit well. I then covered it with some bright cotton fabric that I had in my stash - I wasn't meaning for it to be this bright, it just is what I had. I made sure to stitch it down tight - zigzagged it like crazy around the edges.

I only needed my Jack the seam ripper once this project. I was happy about that. The fabric beneath and the vinyl didn't like to go through my machine at the same speed. Remember to go slow and help feed the bottom through as well. That way you don't get bunching like I did.

The finished product looks great. I feel like I cheated somehow because the cars on the back look fantastic. I usually try to get patterns that go every which way - I was lucky that when I cut it it was plain in the front and the cars were in the back.

When he tried them on they were a little too big (I did buy one size up so maybe I'll keep the rest for later and then use a few of his now to make more??) and so I will need to sew up one of the sides. This is easy b/c the thickness isn't on the sides.

Because I made my own pattern (from the ads pages) I didn't get it quite perfect. I would recommend cutting a bit bigger than you think and then after it's sewed on you can trim where needed.

We'll try them out tonight. The great thing - they are washable. Now we don't need to worry about accidents at night and if they do happen he will feel them (I think that's our problem with the overnight diapers). Now he can tell me for sure if he is dry in the mornings. Although I'm sure at first this will cause a bit more laundry.

The things we do for our kids, right? I love them so much. Now, onto more fun projects.

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