May 25, 2018

So Busy

The last day of school this year is also our 12th anniversary. Talk about a party!!

So I'll be taking a few weeks off for family time. We've got lots of fun things planned and I'll try to share our journey a bit when I can. I will try to post when I can - It just won't be regular. Thanks for your understanding.

And just for you: here is a photo of our wedding day.

I married my best friend and there are times I forget that we are married because we are still just great friends. It's a bit different with 3 kids running around and demanding my attention (or his) and I'm glad I have a partner who understands that this is just another phase of our relationship.

We are trying to get time together for movies and sometimes just sitting in the backyard becomes our date night. We are also running between dance recitals, soccer games and nap time so life is just super busy all the time. I'm glad that he enjoys so many home made things in our home - although I'm sure he'd like them to be more about food than more sewing projects.

12 years seems like a long time. We also just celebrated his birthday and soon it will be my birthday. So - look for another fun offer in the shop.

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