June 7, 2018

Summer Chore Chart

Summer is in full swing here and as much as I'd like to just let everything go we need some sort of accountability. Mostly for myself, I'm sure.  I feel like I would like the kids to do a few things other than play on the tablet or watch tv. I have seen many forms of this list - but my needs were very specific.

When school ended I bought flashcards for the kids. My son will be in Kindergarten so he will be using sight words and hopefully doing well with those by the time school starts.  My daughter is in Spanish immersion and yo no habla bueno. (see?)  I am trying and can read much better than I can speak in Spanish. Mostly because I am like my 5 yo son and need to take my time. So I needed flashcards for their studies on the list of "chores".

I also bought them some workbooks. Things to work on through the summer. I got them a grade above so they can keep up with what they have learned. Things like writing the alphabet and numbers for my Kindergartener and math and reading comprehension for my 2nd grader.

I also wanted to teach them a few other things, their rooms are an eye sore throughout the school year - or so it seems. For the last day of school I always clean up their rooms completely so they can start fresh. Now it isn't hard for them to pick up every day. I also want them to help someone - each other, their sister or me.

I know that it's hard to read books, sometimes. For my son, anyway. He's learning and I tell him he can still look at pictures if he wants. The best way to get my kids to read is to have them read to their little sister. She loves the stories and they all get time together. It usually leads to play time in their rooms - which is a win in my book since it does not include a screen.

All off this is to say that you too can make your own, very specific, list for the kids to follow. I used google docs to make mine (the spreadsheet) and just changed the font and the sizes until it fit on one sheet. I placed it in a sheet protector (not even laminated this time) and then hung it up where they will see it. They can then use dry-erase markers to mark off what they have done every day.

I give them a lot of time to get these done. I will sit at the table during breakfast and read them scriptures. Then will stay there while checking emails and if they need help with their workbooks or flashcards they know that I'll drop everything to help them.

I hope that they realize that there is more to summer than tv. I will say that they can watch cartoons until breakfast and sometimes they let mommy sleep in to add extra time. Honestly, I have started setting an alarm for myself because they are so smart. I am also pretty relaxed about these - some days we have a lot going on and when we get home it's okay to sit and watch a show or play a game. Things like the zoo, playing with cousins and vacations are more important than firm structure in my opinion.

I hope that helped show a very simple way to help with a little organization for the kids. It also is so nice to have them ask if they can have the tablet and I can physically point to something. I will soon be making another list of fun things for each day of the week. (Make it Monday, Water Wednesday is all I have so far)

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