July 12, 2018

iPad Cover with zipper

I have a very special customer that I was happy to help this week. My sister. She came for a visit just a few weeks after her birthday and I thought that it would be fun to make her something she really wanted. Especially since I didn't send her anything for her birthday. This way I feel like I was able to get her exactly what she wanted. Earlier this year she had asked me about making an iPad case for her iPad mini.

I went on pinterest and looked for a few patterns. I showed them to her and she picked out one that was an envelope sleeve with a zipper pocket for cords and things. She loved it so we went off to the fabric store to pick out what she wanted.

I will say - the pattern I followed said to buy 3/4 yard of quilted fabric and a full yard of cotton for binding. I only used about 9 inches of quilted fabric and about 1/4 yard for binding. So, I'd say measure your tablet first then buy what you need. I cut this gold fabric into 2 inch strips for the binding. I should have only cut about 4 strips because that's all I used. I'll use the gold for another project, I'm sure.

I loved that it said to measure a little more than an inch wider than your tablet before cutting out the case itself. Also, using the quilted fabric makes it super easy because there is no need to think about seam allowances.

I started by cutting everything I needed for the project. I was nervous to put the zipper on because I wasn't as confident in the construction. Remembering how to sandwich a zipper really helped. I did like getting a longer zip and then cut it to size under the binding. It looks really nice.  I am glad that I remembered to double over the binding on the zipper.  Placing the pocket was easy and it is exactly where the fold will be.

Sewing it all together didn't take as long as I'd planned. It was much simpler than I thought it would be. I sewed the zipper in place, then sewed the pocket into place, trimmed the zipper and then I put on the binding.

I think it turned out well for a fun birthday gift. It is exactly what she wanted and that makes me happy. The colors that she chose are super cute and that's good because I've got lots left. Honestly, I may make one of these for me because I can (with a different color zip).

To add a little more personalized feel to this fun bag I decided to add on a decal. I asked her what she wanted and being from the Sonoran desert she asked for a saguaro cactus.  We looked one up and decided to use orange htv. It turned out so super cute! I LOVE this little cactus.

I had forgotten to buy a button for the closure. I knew I forgot something. Luckily, my sister is staying at my mom's house. My mom is one of the reasons I learned how to sew in the first place. I love everything she makes and with practice I hope I can make quilts like her some day (maybe). Anyway, she keeps a jar of buttons around and when we looked through them and found this beauty. I love the way it looks with the tie and the other colors. It fits.

I love how this project came together. It was quick, fun to make and a wonderful gift for my sister. I'm glad I could give her exactly what she wanted. The zip is great to hold cords and chargers and it is soft fabric to keep the iPad unscratched. It isn't enough padding for dropping it from high places, but it will be fine when she puts it in her backpack. The cactus screams Arizona and the colors are super adorable. I'm glad I was able to finish it for her before she left to go back home.

Message me at mymommylifeof3blog@gmail.com for your very own case.

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