July 1, 2018

Kid Pillow Cases

It's been awhile since I have written a post just for me. I love the fun posts about sewing and everything, I did take a break from custom orders and focused on those most important to me. My family.

A little while ago I let my kids pick out fabric for their own custom designed pillow cases. I made two then had a few things happen - life, really.  Funny how that gets in the way of projects so often. I finally was able to get back to that last pillowcase.  Honestly, they don't take that long to make. They are magic and a lot of fun.

I have a bit of a system in making these for my kids. They each have their favorite characters - it didn't surprise me that they picked out these fabric choices.

Minnie Mouse for my youngest - she loves everything Minnie and when she is wearing Minnie jammies there are days that she only replies if I call her Minnie.

This pillowcase for my 5 year old has all his favorite characters from Cars 3.  He also has the Cruz & Jackson Storm pillows.  Our favorite is still Lightning - he tells me this all the time.

This is the latest installment of pillowcases for my kids. My daughter loves her Elsa doll and was thrilled to have a pillowcase that matches. She also loves that there is sparkles in the pink fabric.

When I do projects for my kids I remember why I started sewing in the first place. It makes them feel special to have something of their own that is unique and picked by them. I always love to see their eyes light up when they see the final project.

I also love that they get so excited to make their bed to show off their custom designed pillow cases. They love to wash their hands so they can dry them on their personalized custom towels. They are mostly willing to take baths because they have their personalized and colored hooded towels. These are the parts of being a mom that teaches me that the little things are sometimes the big things.

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