August 2, 2018

Baby Onesies

One of my favorite things is when someone comes to me with a challenge. They have a specific item in mind and want me to create it.

This time it was for a baby gift. Not just for one baby, but twins! So of course the theme is Dr. Seuss' thing 1 & thing 2.

You've seen those crazy characters whether in books or on the tv show with the cat in the hat. I know as a mom I have seen them a lot! Their look is very specific - red shirt with white dots and things written on them. So - I did a quick google search for ideas.

I then thought about painting on letters (a new challenge for me) and then about fabric applique.  Then I did some research on double heat transfer vinyl (htv).  For a small baby that will only wear the shirts a few times - the htv seemed like the obvious choice. Also, the easiest. (I lucked out there)

I bought the red onesies with my client - she wanted newborn and I talked her into 3-6 months.  This gives me more of a canvas and also a larger size for babies. It seems like everyone buys 0-3. I bought white and black htv at the local shop - I'm sure I could get it a lot cheaper online, but I've got a bit left. I found a great graphic and was able to make it work.

I also am very lucky. My husband procured a heat press years ago for photo matting.  He cuts and frames his own photos - well, the matting. That's not my specialty so I'm sure I'm butchering the nomenclature. The point is, shirts work really well with a heat press. I tested it out using thing 1 and found out one thing - let the second layer cool a bit more than usual before peeling off the plastic.

I'd say that they turned out super well. The placement and size turned out great and I love the idea of two beautiful kids in these.  Also, she's keeping the gender a secret so these are going to be perfect for either.

What is something you've made that you love?

Also, remember that I am in love with these fun custom orders. If you would like something specific just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Message me here or email me

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