August 16, 2018

New Collection

For the last few weeks I have been working on something pretty special. I have wanted to have a real, actual collection of things that I could sell as a set and I think that this is truly going to happen.  It's always wonderful to see a dream come to life!

Reduce, reuse, recycle!! I have been talking a little about being more environmentally friendly with friends and family.  I thought about what that could mean for myself and my shop. With planning, creating patterns, doing research, cutting and sewing everything I have learned a LOT!

This collection is all about reusable. There are baby burp cloths (that pair beautifully with blankets), the "quick cloths" (or unpaper towels), Reusable baby wipes or wash cloths, reusable makeup wipes with mesh baggie, reusable swiffer covers, and cotton bowl covers.

These go along with the reusable snack bags that I've made in the past. All of them are being tested at the moment and I'll be showing each of these soon with all the details along with reviews and revisions.

I want them to work. That is the most important thing to me. I have gotten things in the past that I thought were amazing and then I realized that I never would use them. I want these to work and really be used. My kids are on board with them and excited to try them out.  There are also recipes and things for cleaners for the baby wipes and makeup removers so that's fun.

Thanks for all the support I've been given and excitement for this collection. The fun part is that you can order them in any color you'd like. I will be getting packages together soon.

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