September 12, 2018

Cotton Bowl Cover

Do you ever have an idea that has been floating around in your mind for months? Then you get time to make it and it all comes together beautifully?

This doesn't always happen. Sometimes when I have an idea things fall apart and nothing actually works. I have to use the seam ripper and that is never good. Today was a day that everything turned out swimmingly and so it must be celebrated.

I found some fabulous fabric awhile back and just knew that it would be gorgeous on something. I didn't want to cover it up or cut it into small pieces. So I thought of it right away when doing this project.  

What did I make??  A cotton bowl cover.

Why Cotton?? Because it's a prototype and also because of how it will be used. This is not something that is sealed - it is just to keep things off (like bugs) or food in.  

How did I get this idea??  I'm so glad you asked. While at a family bbq this summer I realized how many flies there were all over the salads that were left out. Family would eat a bit, then wander back to the table where everything was laid out for more. I thought - it would be nice to cover these bowls just enough to keep flies away.  DING! Cotton.

Also, I'm sure I'm not the only clumsy person online. I was carrying this same bowl with popcorn in it down our stairs. I slipped a little and caught myself, but was too late for some of the contents. I was at least able to keep enough for myself - my poor husband only got a handful. 

This cover is in place of a paper plate or plastic wrap. I figure that those are a one time use and this cover will be used again and again.  For my next one I could put the food safe plastic on the bottom so I can keep the cover even longer. If I gave it away, that's what I'd do. 

I encased 1/4" elastic all the way around so that the cover fits snuggly on my bowl. This cover is specific to this bowl. It was custom made and I really love it. 

What have you made lately that you absolutely love?

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