September 6, 2018


An Ode to School,

Oh dear school time. Fall is getting nearer and there is a glimmer that I will start having a little more alone time. I will not be breaking up fights (just the last few weeks) and giving countless snacks to hungry mouths until the weekends.

Fall is just around the corner and for some reason that lifts my weary sweat beaded soul. Cooler weather means that I want to be outside and that in turn means the kids are outside and there is more room to run.

The house has been neglected the last few weeks getting everything ready for the beginning of school and end of summer. We have gone on vacations and been at the pool. We have played with friends and gone shopping for clothes and supplies.

Now it's time to move onto a new phase. We will wake up earlier and eat good breakfasts. We will be sure to get homework done and I promise that I will do laundry and dishes in a mostly timely fashion. I also promise that I will get back to the sewing table.  I hope to get a few orders and also work on a few personal projects.

Farewell to summer. We enjoyed you while you lasted. Now for more organized time and a little quiet (I hope).

Love, A frazzled and content momma

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