October 29, 2018

Holiday Schedule

I needed a place that I could go and see all of the important dates coming up for my business. I then realized that I could make a really cool graphic and post it all over so that everyone could get my Holiday schedule.  It took me most of the day with a few breaks to check on a napping girl (who I found zonked with a half eaten banana in her hand) but I did figure out how to get things done.

There are MANY important dates for me to figure out. It all revolves around what the kids are doing and what is coming next. There are a few things on there that I didn't do last year and I hope that it helps.

I have been busy cutting out projects and sewing a few that are super festive. I love Christmas! It's fun to see all the patterns and then mix and match the ones I like best. One of the real reasons that I want to have the dates (especially the first) is to make sure that everything is made in time. I have to write out specific goals in order to make them happen.

Have you seen my cute graphic for custom orders on Etsy? I have a reserved listing that I can add as soon as I get a custom order. I will add all the details I have and then send my customer the link.  That way my customers can pay and I can start making what they want without too much hassle.

Something I tried last year was a Black Friday sale. It didn't go as well as I'd hoped. This year, I will stick to my strengths and be with the other small businesses.  I am as small as a business can be - other than my accountant for taxes (okay, my husband and I do our own) I do EVERYTHING else. This includes figuring out patterns, picking fabric, cutting, sewing, photographing, editing, posting, all social media accounts & paperwork.  I'm sure I've missed a lot, because trying to make money at something you love to do is difficult.  I am glad that I can try.  I am having a massive sale on the 24th. Come by and check it out!

I will also be participating in another online craft fair. I absolutely loved it in October and with more festive items it will be great.  I will be focusing on Christmas because it is December 1-3. Remember, those fun Christmas items will be in the shop already.

Before the craft show I hope to put up a special code - if anyone wants anything for Hanukkah please let me know. I know it starts the night of December 2nd and the craft fair won't help much. Also, any other fun holidays I should make things for and an idea of colors/dates would be greatly appreciated. If you know me, you know I don't want to leave anyone out. I just so happen to celebrate Christmas so I know more about it. (okay, tangent over)

When I talk about the last day for free shipping I also am talking about the last day that I know things will get there for Christmas. I have a bit of shipping anxiety and I really want to make sure that things are there on time for those special people in your lives.

I want to have a place that is unique and has great quality. I love that what I make can be used for Christmas and also the patterns that are on items like pillows, zip pouches, make up wipes, reusable food bags and more can be used throughout the year. I don't have to make a lot of things in Christmas colors - it's just fun.
One thing I do believe is that what I make is worth selling. I work hard at what I do. I love what I do. I do believe in myself and my products and I truly hope and pray that because I believe and put in the work that good will come of this endeavor. I want to inspire others to make, to dream, to try and to help. I hope that this post was informative and also uplifting. I wish you all well during the busy holiday season. Just remember to schedule some downtime with those you love.

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