October 23, 2018

Small Tote Bag

I am in love with things that have a purpose. The purpose can be large or small.

I decided to make these cute small tote bags because I had a need to fill. We had a small tote for all things hair (I have 2 girls and we use a lot of things). The old tote began to rip apart and I wanted something a little stronger and more stylish. So I decided to use the same idea as my zip pouches and make a bag with handles (and no zipper this time).

My first one was with this cute Halloween fabric - it will be used for our 2 year old to trick-or-treat. I didn't like how it finished, so I set out to try again.

I wanted to hide all the seams and so I did a little more research and came up with a fun, small, cute bag idea. There was enough room to keep our hairspray and other things in there as well. I love the boxed corners, too.

I loved making it so much that I decided to make even more. The best part? These are reversible. Also, in the shop.

I said that I like to give things purpose. There are many ways that these can be used. For small items used every day (like our hair bag), for car travel (we have one for all the kid's medicine because we like to be prepared).  They can also be used for shopping and holding knick-knacks out and about. I also find use for them when transporting things to and from family. Why use a plastic bag that they will throw away?  I also love these small ones as a purse - it fits about 3 zip pouches inside comfortably and you all know that's how I stay organized.

My favorite use? As a gift bag. Just place the gift inside as you would a normal gift bag and add a bit of paper or whatnot. But what's great is that the bag becomes part of their gift as well.

There is a bit of exciting news!

There will be a lot more Christmas Bags coming soon to the shop. I got a lot of fun fabric and am super excited to start sewing.

I just need a housekeeper to do all the laundry, dishes and cooking.  Anyone know someone who works for cute tote bags? Oh yeah, me.

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Nadia said...

I am a big fan of multipurpose totes too! These look adorable. Will have to check them out!