November 29, 2018

Still Here

Hey all!

I guess I'm writing this more as a letter than anything else. A lot has been going on in our family and in our lives the last few weeks. I had my biggest sale EVER on Small Business Saturday and I have to say thank you so much to all those who helped share, comment, purchase and in any other way support me.

It's hard to do everything at once and it seems like during the holidays that's exactly what happens. I made my list for my family and usually I am finished with everything by Thanksgiving. This year is different. I have plans for everyone - almost. I have a few holes still in my list.

Another thing I've been working with is all the sewing I planned. I've gotten through most of it and I'm loving the outcome. Stockings, gift bags, quick cloths and more. I love the colors and fabrics that I get to work with.

I've also been busy with field trips, hair cuts, cooking lessons, homework, sicknesses and more. Sometimes it's hard to be a mommy. Everyone always needs something from me and I get tired. I love that the kids are becoming more independent and can help out with things.

I do feel extremely blessed that I get to be a mom with a small business. That I get to do what I love and sell my products. That I have amazing support from friends and family and beyond. I love seeing where people are from when they buy something.

I also did my first real giveaway and it was a fun success. I made a small stocking with a gift card inside. It was so fun! I was excited to have them use it. I think that is something interesting about me. I'm happy when I sell something - I love to make the money because it means I can do more - I also love that I can share my talent with others.

Please remember that custom orders are due December 3rd.

One more reminder: I'll be doing another online craft fair with @thecraftyspot_ on Instagram December 1-3. I'll be running my last sale of the year. I'll also have another fun giveaway. Come see me then! It'll be fun.

Thanks for reading, supporting and helping. It's always so very honored.

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