December 22, 2018


Have you ever had a project that you wanted to complete but you were just too scared to do?  That was me when my daughter was born.  I bought 3 baby blanket lengths of breathable cotton mesh fabric (the name escapes me right now) intending to make one single layer and one double layer blanket. 

My mom stepped in and did a binding on the one layer of fabric and it became her favorite blanket. I then put away the other fabric until I had more confidence. Yes, I still get nervous to make projects.

Skip ahead THREE years! I got the fabric and batting out and figured I should try to make it. I think the quilting part (or keeping all the layers together) was making me nervous. I have been working with batting a bit more since then and if it's on the bottom layer when through the sewing machine it seems to work much better.

I wanted to keep the fabric from shifting - so I just ran my machine over it a few times. It is for my daughter and I wanted it done so it isn't perfect. I then looked at it and fell in love. Things don't need to be so planned out to be amazing.

There are little elephants on it so we'll call this her elephant blankie.

Just as a quick plug - even though I didn't measure the end result is sturdy and looks absolutely beautiful. There is no binding because of how I sewed it. It is soft and pretty simple to make. And yes, I would love to make one for your little as well.

More pics to come after the holidays.

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